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The hits keep on comin’

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Just picked up my Lariat this afternoon in Los Angeles area. I asked the dealer why the $750 CA credit wasn’t applied (I thought I knew a thing or two as I bought a Mustang Mach E 3 months ago-sold it at break even to get the truck). He let me know that the last day that credit was in effect was yesterday August 31. Cool.

Says it’s ‘temporarily’ out of effect- does anyone know if we can apply in the future to get the credit?

Also, I expected to have the same free 250kwH at Electrify America as my MME- did they cancel that too (or maybe was never a promotion for the Lightning)?

Already noticing that the touch screen is Much more responsive than the MME which is a win.

Nice to be here.
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What your scheduled build date?
It was in August, arrived Aug 30, ordered August last year
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