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I managed to get some factory-sized Cooper Winter Claws on my truck over the weekend and took it for a drive out to Canmore and back last night at -2 degrees C. Averaged 2.7km/kWh at 110km/h on my standard-range Lightning Lariat with the temp set to 18.5 degrees C. That's good enough for around 250km of range at that temp - will likely get worse at -20 but I don't really drive anywhere when it's that cold anyways. I'd much rather just set up shop in town and enjoy the many warm things to do when it is bitterly cold outside. I was getting much worse estimates before I started driving as I spend a lot of time "idling" when I'm driving around town either because of traffic or because I am often working out of my truck.

All-in-all about the same result as I get in my standard-range Mach E.

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