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QQ, I have the SR Pro so i have the 48A onboard charger. I'm looking to get the TeslaTap. Should I get the 50A or 80A? It is a big price difference.

If I get the 50A then can I use it at a 80A Tesla destination charger since the most it would pull is the 48A limit from my onboard charger?

Also, is there any benefit to getting the Tesla mobile connector if I have an EVSE installed at home?
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I would just get the 80A. I did and I'm happy with it. It's worth the price, the quality is great, and Tesla Destination chargers have a 80A limit anyway. In the event that I'm ever near one, I'll be happy to have the faster speed. I use it all the time with a 50A circuit and I like to think maybe it's a little less stressed than a 50A would have been.
There is a 60 amp TeslaTap mini. Anyone tried this out? It’s appealing given the small size looks like it should fit in the mobile charger bag.
Definitely just go for the 80A. I have the regular and it fits fine in my mobile charger bag. I even fit in a NEMA 650 adapter.
It does not. The TeslaTap and all other adapters are for Destination Chargers and below, not SuperChargers. They could of course be opening that shortly, in which case they will have a Magic Dock adapter, but I’d imagine you could also use your personal adapter with the Tesla connector cable (I refuse to call it the NACS).
1 - 3 of 10 Posts