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QQ, I have the SR Pro so i have the 48A onboard charger. I'm looking to get the TeslaTap. Should I get the 50A or 80A? It is a big price difference.

If I get the 50A then can I use it at a 80A Tesla destination charger since the most it would pull is the 48A limit from my onboard charger?

Also, is there any benefit to getting the Tesla mobile connector if I have an EVSE installed at home?
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My $0.02 - If you are going to spend the money I'd probably still get the 80 Amp, it will work just fine at lower amperages, but if/when you do move to another EV, it would still potentially work. The new Mini has been adjusted to work on Rivian and RAV4 EV. I think they are about $40 difference.

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