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Tesla owner looking to order 2023 F150 Lightning

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couple questions:

1. when does the 2023 MY reservation start?

2. if you reserve via ford directly does dealer still charge markup when you picking up your truck?

thanks in advance. I’m a newbie when it comes to ordering F150 Lightning.
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Welcome! However, I have some bad news...

You will not get MY 23. Period. Reservation system has been closed since Dec and no one know when they will reopen. You need to get in a reservation, and then maybe you can get a 24, but more likely 25 depending on how demand holds and production ramping up.

Markup is by dearer. Ford wants MSRP from dealers, but they are not bound in any way. We have a list of no ADM dealers; those are the ones you want.
thank you for the info. I guess I was mistakenly thinking there’s a reservation period for each model year. So basicalky ford allocates production to a reservation pool, the model year of your truck varies depends on when you get your truck? I’m I. Orange County CA, what arethe dealers in the area don’t charge markups for ordered f150 lightning?
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