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Tesla is no longer including mobile charger with its vehicles

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Tesla has stopped including the mobile charger with its vehicles and will now be selling them separate. Originally the mobile charger was going to cost $400 but it seems like pushback has made Tesla reduce it to $200.

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Another typical Tesla decision. Because they say so, many of their fanboi's will just go with it.

Until such day comes that there are EV chargers located as conveniently as gas stations are today, this is just a stupid move on Tesla's part. Sell $70,000 to $150,000 cars and want to skimp out on a charger. While most may not use it regularly as they'll use home chargers installed or public chargers, its for those times where you may get stranded while travelling and out of range of a public charger. Having a charger in the car means you just need to find an outlet to plug into. Now, no charger, then what? Just a stupid decision at the early stage of EV's that still make up less than 97% of all vehicle sales. Feel bad for the first person that gets stranded without a way to charge their car, and all those that follow. It will happen. Could even be dangerous.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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