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Tesla is no longer including mobile charger with its vehicles

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Tesla has stopped including the mobile charger with its vehicles and will now be selling them separate. Originally the mobile charger was going to cost $400 but it seems like pushback has made Tesla reduce it to $200.

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I would be ok without a charge cord coming with my car, but I would not have been ok with that hat on my first plug in vehicle...or the second. I have two EVSEs hardwired in to he garage and two outlets (14-30 dryer plug and 16-20 plug). Our xc90t8 came with an EVSE that works on 120v or 240 x 16 amp on a nema 16-20 plug. From 2013 I have a clipper creek evse that was supposed to be hardwired, but I attached a dryer cord in a junction box to its wiring. I do not use this often (20 amp maximum), but it was used for many years without any problems. It has been unplugged maybe a dozen times so I am not worried about poor connections causing a fire. I would not travel anywhere in an EV without a functional emergency evse, just in case.

Shipping EVs without EVSEs is a bad idea for first time owners. It may also lead to current EV owners hanging on to their evse and subsequent owners not having a charge cord when needed. If it is going to be someone's first plugin they really should have a charge cord and Tesla should be trying to sell to new owners, not just repeat EV owners.
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It is bound to happen because after a certain point an EV will be more common. The thought popped into my head a few weeks ago now that I'm getting the Lightning and the ER. I'm getting a mobile charger and the top end version home charger ford makes. Now I'll have 2 sets of the mobile charger. Which I haven't used once away from the house.

A bill was just passed in my state (I believe, just my state) that said all home builds have to have an ev charger in the garage now. These laws and trends are going to make the mobile charger a bad business cost. And a bit of a waste honestly. When is someone that is in a townhouse with street parking using a mobile charger? Someone just got fined by a mall for using their mobile charger in the parking garage.

Over time, the use case for providing one with the car will be a waste. I can see Tesla doing it because their network is everywhere and they've reached a point in which they have repeat customers. They seem to offer seamless help with installing a charger at your home, just get that (and if you are complaining about the cost of a home charger and own a tesla....wow). If I'm on my 3rd or 4th Tesla, why would I want another set of mobile chargers?

I don't see a lot of the other brands that are really hitting the pavement this year doing it after about 5 years or more. I imagine there is a number of EVs made in which they'll stop including it and total EV market saturation. To me at a certain point, it is a waste of materials to keep making them; especially for the manufacturer. Have 3rd party companies do it. The aftermarket for Fords is huge.
Does the EV charger in new construction mean the whole evse it just a 14-50 outlet? Having that outlet in the garage would be great. It would allow the end user to select their evse of choice (smart metering...).
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