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Tesla is no longer including mobile charger with its vehicles

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Tesla has stopped including the mobile charger with its vehicles and will now be selling them separate. Originally the mobile charger was going to cost $400 but it seems like pushback has made Tesla reduce it to $200.

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Met with MUCH back lash. Love Elon but he gets it wrong some times. I think the $200 and not being included will still be walked back. I do realize they know exactly how many charge sessions happen on each kind of charger, but it is reported elsewhere that 61% use the mobile connector full time at home (Teslafi and other services also have pretty good stats on this.)

I was OK with the move if they reduce the price of the car by $500, that is what it used to cost from parts and if they allow you to add it to the car at purchase time, but I'm not sure either of those would happen. The Y has gone up $4K in the last few weeks, so it's just another price hike at this point.

Bottom line though I don't an EV should be sold without a basic Mobil connector at a minimum.
Low usage? I’ve been driving a Tesla since 2015 and have never used anything else. In fact I have two of them one of which I’m using for our Mercedes. People overestimate how much charging they need. I’ve never had a problem getting a full charge from the mobile connector.
Pretty much the same. I use one exclusively for one car and have the Tesla WC (wall connector) for the other car, but the only reason for the WC is it was free as a referral gift. The other mobil charger goes with us anything we leave the metro area.

I don't care what kind of bind you find yourself, with no mobile charger you have no option, with a mobile charger and not in the middle of no where you can almost always find a 120 plug.
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