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Sub woofer issue .

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The B&O 8 speaker system sounds pretty with the right source. But earlier today when I had it rocking, I suddenly heard a rattling noise that I finally traced down coming from the sub woofer which is located behind middle back seat.I couldn't find away to fold the back down like you can with the right back seat to get at the jack.I was able to squeeze my arm in and touch the sub front grille which stopped the rattling. My fears of a blown speaker is more likely to be poor fitting plastic speaker housing. Also found the amp for it behind left back seat which felt hot from a lack of air circulation. If it starts rattling again like I'm sure it will. I will try a quick fix by wedging something against the grill.
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If like other 150's there is a latch behind that seat. Fold the bottom up - that will allow more room behind it - between the cab. Use a phone or something to look down in there - you should see a latch that you can pull up and release the seat so it will fold forward. In previous versions of the truck I used an open/boxed end wrench - use the box end to reach down and pull up on the latch.
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