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Strategy on resale of my Lariat ER Max Tow

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My 2022 lariat is finally arriving. I am due to pick it up November 18 in Southern California. Rather than declining to pick it up from the dealer and allowing them to profit on the resale markup, what is my best strategy if I decide to sell it quickly? How to make the most profit for myself? Estimate on what it is worth currently? It is an extended range battery with the max tow package and the sprayin liner. Charcoal colored. I have already had the charger installed on my property so that will not be included.
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TTL on a Lariat ER is going to be over 7K, I think. And there's this: "The (tax) credit wasn't applicable to an electric vehicle being purchased for the purpose of reselling it. That's a gray area, though, and would be tough for authorities to prove." Owning a truck just long enough to get the title and then selling it, might attract attention.
I would just punt. The golden age of flipping has sort of ended, courtesy of the Federal Reserve.
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