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Standard range charging curve?

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Is there a test done for standard range version? I have seen charging curve for extended range version.

Let us say I want to do total 250 miles round-trip in a day so I leave home nearly full battery drive nearly empty (roughly 175-200 miles) so I need to stop for to add about 75-100 miles of range - how long would my stop need to be? 10-15 min would not add to travel time at all as in my use case (south nj to jfk and back) the 175-200 miles is about 4-5 hours behind the wheel already and a short break is needed.
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Maybe. Range is better in the Rivian but Lightning has a better charge curve.
I agree ☝ charging curve is more important, especially during a road trip. It’s hard to replenish range with poor charging performance. Give me 100+ kWh to 80% and 75 kWh to 90% and I am happy . High peak charging speeds are for bragging rights only if they end up causing thermal throttling of the battery.
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Why are you thinking the Rivian will roadtrip better than the Lightning?

Yep, exactly as mentioned above. The rivian has a longer range.

I did notice I was getting 65kw on the 150 dc charger and 95kw on the 350 dc charger. But overall, still got up to 80-90% pretty quickly.
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