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Standard or extended range to buy, drive 1 year / 5,000-10,000 miles, and sell?

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I was going to order a Lariat ER, but a $7,000 question just became a $7,000+$7,500 question due to the tax credit loss (>$80,000).

Considering the new price of the option, and tax credit, would it make more sense to just go with SR or will demand really be that much less on the tail end?

I figure if I loose 20%, typical one year depreciation, $75 lariat = 60k. After tax credit I'm only in it $67,500 so it's not that bad.

Ordering XLT isn't an option anymore as its "sold out". It was there yesterday, but I finally got my dealer to agree to MSRP and now its gone :)
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I think demand for used extended range trucks will far outweigh standard range once the tax credit MSRP price caps start kicking in. People will option the trucks down to qualify for the tax credit, increasing the SR supply. If you order a Lariat ER now, wouldn't you have a high probability of receiving the truck in 2022? Also, I don't think you're going to see the typical one-year depreciation on these trucks until the manufacturer gets nearer to meeting demand.
When I was doing my order (just a pleb SR XLT) it showed Spring 23 for everything.

If the realistic range on the SR is far underwhelming for my use case I'll just keep it for a bit and then dump it for a Powerboost or something.
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