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Speed Warning setting can't be disabled

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I was fiddling with all the settings to see what they all did, and it looks like the Speed Warning setting is one-way only... it defaults off, but once you turn it on, it can never be turned off. Similarly, the tolerance setting for it can't be set - it just snaps back to zero shortly after trying to set it. Repeated restarts of the vehicle and trying in accessory mode vs fully on, etc. didn't make any differences.

@Ford Motor Company - is there a way I can report bugs other than the "send feedback" button in Sync 4A? There's no way for me to use that and attach a video or any description of what's going on.

Anybody else got any hot tips besides "factory reset it and start from scratch"?

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Check your owners manual....MyKey section. The 12.3 and 15" screens have separate instructions. This is where the speed alert is set....should be helpful info.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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