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Speed Warning setting can't be disabled

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I was fiddling with all the settings to see what they all did, and it looks like the Speed Warning setting is one-way only... it defaults off, but once you turn it on, it can never be turned off. Similarly, the tolerance setting for it can't be set - it just snaps back to zero shortly after trying to set it. Repeated restarts of the vehicle and trying in accessory mode vs fully on, etc. didn't make any differences.

@Ford Motor Company - is there a way I can report bugs other than the "send feedback" button in Sync 4A? There's no way for me to use that and attach a video or any description of what's going on.

Anybody else got any hot tips besides "factory reset it and start from scratch"?

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their response is infuriating, since it indicates they both didn't try to or can't reproduce, and that they think they can ignore the problem instead of escalating further or even just filing a bug report with the software organization.
I'm still trying to figure out whether this is what the popup warning shown in your video means. Not that it makes sense if this is the intended behavior.
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