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Sold.....Charge Station Pro for sale (1/17/23)

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Got my ER truck three weeks ago and my pro station charger 4 days ago (Friday 1/13 - see picture of label). Very disappointed to find out that our home panel can’t absorb the amps after we added too much to it 18 months ago with a construction project and old home infrastructure. We had to settle for adding a lower grade and slower ChargePoint station so now I am selling this unused boxed charger.

$1,000 new. Shipping cost to be absorbed by the buyer. I’ll give a $50 shipping allowance, so $950 out the door. Shipping from Maryland. Venmo or PayPal. MSRP is currently $1,310 plus taxes. Pictures (5) attached.


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Are you aware the charger amp requirement can be dialed down to match what you have available in your panel?
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