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Soft brakes?

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This story claims brakes fade quickly. I wonder if regenerative braking was turned on?
The story
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I'm assuming it was without regen on since they were testing that specifically. And it is an extreme case, if it gives them pause then don't drive like that while towing lol.

With the rise of Tesla we saw a spike in carelessness when it comes to the speed you can obtain with the instant torque. Not all were fatal but still dangerous when not respected. That speed was generally obtained by spending a considerable more in money and in those cases even Elon himself crashed (a Mclaren? I forget). I hope we don't see similar spikes with people in trucks and while towing. I get worried now with people towing stuff that are driving faster than me, and I just imagine someone with an EV truck going "oh I can make that..." And with squish brakes, that shouldn't be the driving profile.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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