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So, how do you actually reserve an F-150 Lightning?

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First time poster. I feel like this is the dumbest question I've ever had to ask in a forum. I have a degree in network engineering and over 20 years of IT helpdesk management experience. I've been building computers since 1984. Like to think I'm pretty savvy with technology. But I cannot for the life of me figure out how to reserve a 2023 F-150 Lightning! I've been all through the website, created an account and all I can see are buttons for "get updates" and "save build". All major media outlets reported Ford was taking reservations again for 2023's starting a few weeks ago. But I cannot find the button to reserve one!

I like to think I'm not dumb. I've successfully ordered and put down deposits on Rivian R1T, Cybertruck, and Silverado EV already. I need an EV pickup truck for work and will take whichever I can get first. But this website is really infuriating. 🤦‍♂️😣😭
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I believe they mean they opened up orders for those that reserved last year 2021 not new reservations. Just so you get the idea there were 200,000 reseravations last year. Ford has only produced around 30,000 during 2022. That leave 170,000 more to go before reopening reservations. Maybe I'm wrong about that and someone will come along and clear things up.
You are exactly right. They opened up the "order banks" not the "reservations". When the production numbers start catching up with the existing reservations, they will invite new customers to the system. I know it's a hard pill to swallow, but the only way around it is to do what lllaible1 stated in his first reply to you. Pay big bucks to a flipper, or scumbag dealer.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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