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Sliding Rear window rattle

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When listening to music with the sliding rear window open I was getting a ridiculous rattle/vibration. Audio settings at default and all types of music. Like you hear out of an import with a stereo worth more than the car. It was embarrassing and made listening to music unbearable. Thankfully there’s a TSB which took my dealer a few minutes to repair with a part that was available overnight. FYI.
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When you say rear window are you talking about the pass-through rear window to the bed or one of the rear seat passenger door windows?
Sliding rear window.
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You care to share more about this TSB number and what it does? (Edit - I see you noted they ordered a part - so it must be physical)

The stereo in these trucks absolutely sucks. The sub for what it is, is right below the rear sliding window and truly doesn't look like a sub at all.
This is from the tech notes on the repair order.

2021-2022 F-150: Install The Rear Window Service Kit Following The Service Procedure. COMPLETED STEPS OUTLINED IN TSB 22-2095, TESTED GLASS WITH AUDIO SYSTEM PLAYING, ISSUE FIXED.
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