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SiriusXM in a Pro?

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I'm wondering what's stopping having Sirius in the Pro radio? Is it hardware related, like there's something missing inside the radio itself, or is it just a software switch that could be hacked? I assume the Pro doesn't come with a sat antenna installed, but adding one can't be too difficult...

I can't live without my Sirius, but would prefer the Pro build, all other things being equal.

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Best bet would be to just get the SiriusXM app on your phone and use it as the media player when plugged in via CarPlay or Android Auto.
Good point. I do have the app, but am not sure how much data streaming Sirius would use (but can't be too hard to find out, either).
While maybe not apples to apples, it gives a good comparison but I have an 80 mile commute (round trip) and stream Spotify set to the highest quality; seems depending on other trips I use 3.5gb of data a month.
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Good to know, thanks. Although it hardly f'ing matters what with the complete inability to order a Pro (or even an XLT) now. Bah!
Yeah I hear you. I was all aboard for the PRO even if I was salty for a few days regarding the MSRP increase but then saw it wasn't an option so aside from a few options I went with the cheapest XLT I could.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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