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Simple question: will lighter wheels get more range?

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The stock Lariat 20’s come in at 44lbs. I have found some forged wheels that weigh in at 29 lbs

Using the same tires,what would you expect? Better range? Acceleration?

They are not very aero dynamic. Basic 5 star and 6 star pattern. They are on Custom offsets.VenomRex 601’s if you’re curious. (No affiliation)
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Just look at time trial bikes, disc wheels. Aero wheels and frame make a huge impact on energy saved during flat stages. Weight really only comes to play while climbing. The 60 lbs save would have much less affect then aero wheels.
I’m no engineer… but lighter wheels make a huge difference on a motorcycle, even bigger on a bicycle. Something to do with rotational weight, and… physics. I’d guess that yes, it will give better range. But not a shattering difference.

Yes, more mass would require more force to start rotating wheels and have more rotational momentum. Ideally that increase in rotational momentum would be recaptured in the regen system.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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