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Simple question: will lighter wheels get more range?

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The stock Lariat 20’s come in at 44lbs. I have found some forged wheels that weigh in at 29 lbs

Using the same tires,what would you expect? Better range? Acceleration?

They are not very aero dynamic. Basic 5 star and 6 star pattern. They are on Custom offsets.VenomRex 601’s if you’re curious. (No affiliation)
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I’m no engineer… but lighter wheels make a huge difference on a motorcycle, even bigger on a bicycle. Something to do with rotational weight, and… physics. I’d guess that yes, it will give better range. But not a shattering difference.

The difference occurs during change of speed, so under acceleration or deceleration. A lot of low speed stop and go city driving will see gains from the lighter wheels but highway range will suffer from the reduced aero.
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