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Should Ford even be selling an SR version?

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Noticing a trend with people who are selling their lightnings already (which I also considered given the cold weather performance) -- seems to be the case that they often have the SR battery

Should Ford even be marketing this vehicle with the SR, particularly in cold weather environments?
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220 miles is way more than I need. I move a lot of computer equipment around town but thats like maybe 50-75 miles in a day. Only things I will be towing are jet skis to the local reservoir, and camping sites I like are 50 miles away. 120 mile range would have been good enough for me. :D My wife had a 2012 RAV4 EV before we got the e-tron (~220 also) for a while and it had 100-120 mile range and we took it everywhere. We also have a Fusion Energi to use if we ever need to drive that far but there has never been a situation where we had to use that car because of inadequate range.
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