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Should Ford even be selling an SR version?

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Noticing a trend with people who are selling their lightnings already (which I also considered given the cold weather performance) -- seems to be the case that they often have the SR battery

Should Ford even be marketing this vehicle with the SR, particularly in cold weather environments?
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I went with SR. Can’t justify spending 20k ish more for 30% more battery that I would need to use 1% of the time. For daily commutes 200 miles is plenty, even in real situations when range drops to 150 miles it is still more than I need.

Coming from multiple BEVs, they are really designed for daily commutes. They are still not convenient for long travels, especially in extreme weather (hot or cold). EVs also go crazy trying to cool itself in 110 degree heat.

Until the charging structure improves, an ICE or hybrid is the smart vehicle to use when traveling over 300 miles. With 20k in my pocket I can rent a car for that 1% of the time or just keep the trade in ICE vehicle on the side.
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