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Should Ford even be selling an SR version?

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Noticing a trend with people who are selling their lightnings already (which I also considered given the cold weather performance) -- seems to be the case that they often have the SR battery

Should Ford even be marketing this vehicle with the SR, particularly in cold weather environments?
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I think too many people believe that EV’s will be a plug and play for their gas vehicle. We aren’t there yet. Until rapid chargers are everywhere, EV’s are perfect for one thing at this time - using it as an around town vehicle.

I’ve got an older Kia Soul EV that has a range of about 100 miles. We drive that car every day around town. I’ve put on well over 15K miles in about 21 months, all with a max range of 100 or less every day. I don’t even charge every day. When I do charge, I do it off peak at night. There has never been a day when I had to say “can’t take the Kia as I don’t have enough range today”. You would be surprised at how many miles you do just for shopping/work/kid’s sports games. The longest trip I did was 35 miles each way, made it home with plenty to spare.

I’ve got a Lariat SR on order. I am not going to tow or take massive road trips, I’ve got a gas vehicle for that, but I will use the hell out of it around town and will put on lots of miles doing it. I will maximize my range with the city driving and smile as I pass gas stations. I’ll take the kids to school and then all around town to their soccer games. If I need to, I’ll load stuff up in the bed of the truck that can’t fit in the Kia. If if can do that now at 100 miles I will have no problems with a max range of 240.

If anyone has a life like this, an EV is perfect for you.
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