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Should Ford even be selling an SR version?

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Noticing a trend with people who are selling their lightnings already (which I also considered given the cold weather performance) -- seems to be the case that they often have the SR battery

Should Ford even be marketing this vehicle with the SR, particularly in cold weather environments?
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Yes they should. There are many of us that don't do cross country trips, or drive 80 mph in a pickup truck. I fully expect my Pro (when it arrives) to easily make the published range figure...(during the summer months). Winter is a different story, and to be expected. The wife's ID.4 has never been charged to more than 80%, and in the summer months shows a range of 250 miles at that state of charge. During winter months range at 80% runs from 195 to 220 miles. 250 miles is the advertised range for this model with full battery. For reference, I am in the Buffalo, Rochester area of NY.
So, a pickup with 10 or 20 miles less range than the VW, will suit me just fine.
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