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Should Ford even be selling an SR version?

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Noticing a trend with people who are selling their lightnings already (which I also considered given the cold weather performance) -- seems to be the case that they often have the SR battery

Should Ford even be marketing this vehicle with the SR, particularly in cold weather environments?
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I’ve had my XLT SR since July I have taken 1 road trip that required charging away from home. I planned my trip with conservative charging stops planed around lunch time and booked a hotel that had charging available, sure that takes bit of planning but the other 99% of the driving has been done with just home charging and that has been a great time saver. I live in a cold climate and yes the truck does not go as far, but it still goes farther than I need it to in my daily use. One has analyze their use and see what will work for them. For me the SR fits the bill so I did not opt for extended range and saved around 20K. For 20K I can buy a gas vehicle and not worry about range on trips, although I have not felt the need.
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