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Sherman's March to the Sea, and the other Sea, and back again

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Tomorrow is departure. We'll be driving from MD to NC, then to GA, then across the southern routes to CA, up to OR, then turning around and doing it again. Cross-country Lightning trek pulling a 24.5' travel trailer.

More details will be coming but I'll be posting leg efficiency, charging, reporting all charging sessions on PlugShare and RateYourCharge, along with a bit of travel fun along the way there and back.

Here's Sherman with the trailer from back in August when we did our shake-down trip.
Cloud Sky Vehicle Dog Tire

Approximate timings:
1/17-18 Raleigh, NC area
1/20-22 Okeefenokee Swamp

1/29-2/9 Texas (Texarkana, across to Dallas area, central Texas, Big Bend NP, exit stage left)

2/11-2/23 CA

2/24-2/27 OR

3/1-3/10 CA

Back home before April.

At least, that's the plan.
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Happily home!

I'll be providing more updates and some recaps of the trip soon.
Congrats Mark! This is quite the accomplishment, I have enjoyed your updates. Glad you made it back safely.
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