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Selling my spot for a 2022 Lightning Pro mannequin model (Louisiana)

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I have a spot reserved for me at a local dealer in Louisiana for a 2022 Lightning Pro mannequin model. Meaning it's that car at the dealership driven around by the customers to get a feel for it. It's been at the dealership since September 2022. The catch is that I have to wait for six months until the dealership can actually sell it to me. Meaning February 2023.

However my dad has convinced me to save up for school instead, and that now is not the time for a new car. Bummer.

So I'm selling my spot to a person wanting it.
Directly message me, if interested.


P.s. MSRP $41,669 no dealer mark up. I have the window sticker. Oxford White. No options. Standard Range.
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Tend to agree with RIP. The spot Isn’t yours to sell, it’s the dealers.
good luck in school, hopefully if you are taking business management, you get to take a ‘reading the fine print’ course.
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As in I'm the scam or I'm about to get scammed? 😀
As in “don’t send any money without personally confirming with the dealership that he is able to personally transfer his ’spot’ to buy their truck”.

Remember, it’s on their lot. It’s their asset. when People are trying to sell their reservation or their order, THEY are the owners of the order, and the dealership is merely the broker. the second the vehicle hits the lot with a sticker on it, it belongs to the dealer. and Even dealerships that aren’t putting ADM on customer reservations are saying that if THEY buy the vehicle and sell it from the lot, they will slap the ADM.

another thing about this opportunity, is the guy joined The site just before posting.
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Dealers won’t be selling off the lot without an adm.

Good luck in school, BrianLee.
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