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Screens went black!

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I had my windows tinted in my lightning today, front 2 to match the back and the front glass with 70% ceramic tint. Apparently sometime during or after the tint was finished the instrument cluster screen and the 15 inch screen went black. The truck was still able to be drove to the dealership which is what the tinting company did. This was at the end of the day so nothing has been discovered yet but I have some ideas as to what is going on. Anyone have this issue or something like this happen in the Mach E? The truck was left in accessory mode for the duration of the tinting application. I would say 2-3 hours at least.
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Ooohh this is what I'm worried about. I'm kind of chuckling while I type this, not at your issue but cause this immediately brought up something for me. And I remember the anxiety and pain.

In 2017 I got a new sporty sedan and I wanted to get the windows tinted. I went into the shop that had done my last 2-3 cars. Great work, no issue. When I went to pick up my car I noticed the radio was turned down and the track listing (of about 3000+ songs) was very far down. I thought it was weird but didn't think anything of it. Rewind, the morning of I had just put my entire library on a USB to stick in the car to play music. I didn't listen to it, and it got left on track 1. Fast forward to the next day I start to have electronic transmission shifter. (which means I can't shift driving mods mainly, driving and restarting fixed it most of the time) At first no issue got to work but after work I was heading home and my car went into essentially turtle mode on the highway (NOT FUN). I called the dealer immediately cause it might have been a month. I'm thinking with the next "features" they took more juice to operate and that 12V is not up to the task.

The issue was a combo of things cause it was a new car for them (Alfa) and the auto start/stop feature didn't help but after they looked at the car they deduced...the battery was drained. So they charged it back up and no more issues. The second they said that I immediately was reminded of the audio tracks still playing. This is what I suspect happened to that other guys Lightning.

I'm not sure what they do to put on tint but my guess is the car gets left on and if the radio or some accessories are running, just like if you turn the engine off and just play the radio, your battery will drain and die. You'll need a jump. I can't imagine what that means for an EV.

I really think @Ford Motor Company should put out some additional information about how the 12V is utilized so that people are aware and it doesn't get drained unintentionally. I honestly didn't know there was one in there until one of the reviewer pulled that panel and showed it. I'm basically going to sit in the vehicle when they do the tint and baby sit them. It is easy in a gas powered car to know when the engine is off, everything is running off that 12V. It isn't that way with an EV. I didn't even think that until I saw that reviewer pull that panel. I didn't know there is one in the Mach E. I've sat in the car plenty of times with the touch screen on, radio playing after hitting the button to turn it off. I have been more mindful of that since.
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One would assume that if the truck auto shuts down after 15-30 minutes without driver intervention to stop it continuously running, that this same feature would apply to the accessory only power for the sole purpose of preventing draining the 12 V battery. I guess it is not or the tint company had to stop the shutdown countdown every 15 minutes to keep it on.
And that's what I don't know how the tint people operate. They don't know your vehicle like you do.
I believe I read in the owners manual that the lightning charges the 12 volt battery when plugged in as that was an alternative recommendation in the manual for dealing with 12 volt battery issues.

Turns out my trucks issue was an “Audio Control Module”. This was likely damaged by water when they tinted the front window. Service department said when they pulled this module out everything started working again. Thankfully this component is in stock, ready to ship and they have put a major rush on it to get it in as soon as possible. Thanks everyone for your input! As much as I would have rather not had an issue, I have learned a lot about my truck and the workings of the 12 V system through this process. My dealership has been awesome.
Ooo thank you for sharing. Going to bring this up when I do mine. Sorry you had to get the guinea pig.

Also, let's not forget this did happen through a Ford dealer and this is the up side to having them around. And I guess they were able to figure it out. I know there is plenty of examples and time to crap all over them but you have to appreciate it when it does actually work out for you.
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You guys jinxed me. Happened to me this morning as I went to work.

I did the reset and it pulled right up as I was driving.
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Any problems since the reset?
Nope. Ran just fine when I left work. This morning it was almost like it didn't get the command to start.
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