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Screens went black!

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I had my windows tinted in my lightning today, front 2 to match the back and the front glass with 70% ceramic tint. Apparently sometime during or after the tint was finished the instrument cluster screen and the 15 inch screen went black. The truck was still able to be drove to the dealership which is what the tinting company did. This was at the end of the day so nothing has been discovered yet but I have some ideas as to what is going on. Anyone have this issue or something like this happen in the Mach E? The truck was left in accessory mode for the duration of the tinting application. I would say 2-3 hours at least.
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The first thing to do When the screens freeze or blank out is to reboot the Sync system.

On the steering wheel controls ... simultaneously hold the volume-down and also the "Next Track" button (just to the right of the volume control ... the arrow pointing right). Hold them until you see the center screen go black. It will take several seconds ... eventually the Sync4 system will reboot.
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I learned that technique from the lightning manual too yesterday, unfortunately I didn’t get to see my truck before the service department got it and they were gone for the day when I got to the dealership. They had the 12 volt battery off so the truck wouldn’t power on or do anything. I guess they were trying to get it to reset. I’m not sure if they will charge the 12 volt battery before hooking it back up today. Based on what I’ve read, if the 12 volt battery is the dead, just leaving the truck off for several hours with it still connected would have probably allowed the high voltage battery to charge it back up and everything would have went back to normal.
Maybe. If my 12v battery were dead I’d attach a battery charger to bring it back. Been there done that, wrote the 1st thread on the problem I’m the Mach E.

Also Coral,
Can you say whether the 12 volt battery charged while the truck is running? Based on the owners manual it is worded as if it does not but instead charges when the truck is off or plugged in charging. I’m not sure how the 12 V wouldn’t go dead on a long drive if the truck wasn’t charging it during that time unless the power to the accessories is coming from the high voltage battery only while driving.
If the Lightning is like the Mach E, it charges while running. It had better!
It is my opinion that EVs should trigger the DC/DC converter when plugged in, to also keep the 12v battery topped off. MOST DO NOT. I travel, and both the GM EV and my Teslas will suffer 12v death if left long enough without being "awakened" as per above.
The Mustang Mach E will charge the 12v when plugged in to recharge the HVB. I believe the Lightning does the same.
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Is there an online Lightning owners manual posted anywhere, I would like to access it on my computer rather than my Ford pass app.
It was posted on this forum in April:

You can search the Forum for "manual".
Back in business. Picked the truck up at 1 today. Found out exactly what happened. The “phone mat” (that is what the dealership called it) between the dash speaker and the back of the 15” screen has little holes in it apparently and the guy tinting the front windshield didn’t realize this so he didn’t put anything over it and a little bit of water got down in there and messed up the audio control module. Just thought that was good info to know for anyone thinking of tinting the front windshield. The tint looks awesome btw. 70% ceramic on the front is just right in my opinion. Hard to tell but reduces heat and UV by a lot.
Great! Since it was damaged by the tint company, who paid for the repairs?
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In case other folks have their screen go blank, there is an issue with some Sync 4A vehicles:
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