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Screens went black!

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I had my windows tinted in my lightning today, front 2 to match the back and the front glass with 70% ceramic tint. Apparently sometime during or after the tint was finished the instrument cluster screen and the 15 inch screen went black. The truck was still able to be drove to the dealership which is what the tinting company did. This was at the end of the day so nothing has been discovered yet but I have some ideas as to what is going on. Anyone have this issue or something like this happen in the Mach E? The truck was left in accessory mode for the duration of the tinting application. I would say 2-3 hours at least.
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Also I just read in the lightning owners manual that the high voltage battery charges the low voltage battery only when the truck is off. Is this different than with the mustang Mach E? Can anyone confirm this?
One would assume the truck would be keeping the low voltage battery charged when it’s running but I guess it does this when it’s off or charging.
I can confirm this as I jump started another car from the 12v battery while the truck was off but the voltage off the battery in the frunk was over 13v.

the funny part was the driver of the vehicle I was jumping was in a hurry and was yelling at me “START THE TRUCK, START THE TRUCK” not realizing it was an ev. Anyway it started right up.
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