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Scheduled for Production - Its all happing so fast now

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I went from wondering what ever happened to that 100 bucks I put down in October of 2021 to an email from Ford this morning that my truck is scheduled for production! It's still a little bit out as right now it says 3/27. But ever since i was invited to order my truck on the 19th of January I feel like it's been a steady stream of updates or information. Can't wait for delivery!

Fingers crossed you are next!
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I placed my order on 1/26/23 and am hoping I get an email here soon that it's been Scheduled For Production. Hoping to have a delivery date before May! Been a long time waiting since 6/11/21.
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Yes, same happens to me. Reserved mine September 2021, got my invite to order January 19 2023. Ordered the same day. 1st scheduled for production 3/27. 2nd scheduled April 3rd. And most recently 4/10.
After placing your order, how long did it take to get an email about the truck going into production? I ordered 1/26 and it still shows the last checkmark completed for order accepted by dealer.
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