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Scheduled for Production - Its all happing so fast now

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I went from wondering what ever happened to that 100 bucks I put down in October of 2021 to an email from Ford this morning that my truck is scheduled for production! It's still a little bit out as right now it says 3/27. But ever since i was invited to order my truck on the 19th of January I feel like it's been a steady stream of updates or information. Can't wait for delivery!

Fingers crossed you are next!
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Are deliveries of new trucks to dealers happening again or are they still paused? Ford still shows my truck as estimated delivery 3/11-3/17 (built 2/3) but the dealer says it’s still at the factory and they have no idea when it will ship.
Sounds like everyone in the “built but not delivered” status is still in limbo. My truck still shows estimated delivery no later than today. That’s clearly not happening. Frustrating.
My status just got moved back this morning. Not for sure if you have checked your status by order number and VIN, but that is where mine was changed and now another month out.
Thanks for the info. Just checked. Nothing. The way ford shares updates seems to vary from person to person. If I log in to my account and click “Reservations and Orders” it still gives the 3/11-3/17 estimate. The Order Number and VIN status check gives no shipping estimate.
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I hear you. Anthony from Ford was great on the phone yesterday, but even he could not tell me any more than the truck is still on a stop ship order following the fire. He was not able to tell from his records where the truck is. It’s still “in production” with an estimated delivery date two weeks ago.
Ford will be opening the ordering system to general retail customers in late Spring. All remaining reservation holders would receive invitations to order soon. A deadline for placing those orders will be announced. After that deadline passes, all unconverted reservations will be cancelled and refunds will be issued.
I also read @Ford Motor Company press releases, but I am beginning to doubt they’ll ever ramp up production like they’ve claimed. How many have they built total in a year? 20k? Maybe 25k? But they’re going to ramp up to 150k plus by year end? I hope I’m wrong, but I doubt it.

I was ready to pay a premium to get into one of these trucks because it reminded me what it’s like to be excited about driving something new and different. @NewtoEV -“soured” is a good way to describe my current frame of mind.
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So what part of "ramping up" is unclear. Of course there were few MY22 trucks produced. Production started slow and MY22 wasn't even a full year.
Nothing is unclear. Those were rhetorical questions used to make a point. I believe Ford is concealing information related to the fire and there are bigger problems Ford isn’t telling us about. That’s a strategic decision Ford is entitled to make, but I don’t care for it.
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@ChasingCoral Also, if you believe there were only 18 trucks affected by the fire issue, PM me. I’ve got some ocean front property here in North Dakota you might be interested in. 18 delivered SR trucks were affected. Many more undelivered trucks have the same problem and Ford has offered no details on how they’ll fix them.
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