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Scheduled for Production - Its all happing so fast now

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I went from wondering what ever happened to that 100 bucks I put down in October of 2021 to an email from Ford this morning that my truck is scheduled for production! It's still a little bit out as right now it says 3/27. But ever since i was invited to order my truck on the 19th of January I feel like it's been a steady stream of updates or information. Can't wait for delivery!

Fingers crossed you are next!
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The CHMSL Camera Removal is the camera by the third brake light that aims towards the cargo area/bed of the truck. Ford has been deleting features due to the chip shortages and many of these deletes cannot be added on after the truck is built, which is obviously not ideal and pretty poor on Ford's side.
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I get it. What’s odd is there is no credit for that removal. At least not yet. For all the other removals there was some kind of credit. Not that I think 50 bucks for the lack of a security system is fair but at least it was something lol.
There’s no credit with this removal. All 2023 F-150s including ICE models will not have it.
Date moved from 3/27 to 4/3. I guess it’s not happing as fast as I thought :). Still happy to have a date!
I did my order in October and still don’t have a production date. It’s making me think to not go through with my order when it’s ready.
I don't have a production date on my SR Lariat with spray-in bed liner still and ordered October 2022.
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