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Scheduled for Production - Its all happing so fast now

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I went from wondering what ever happened to that 100 bucks I put down in October of 2021 to an email from Ford this morning that my truck is scheduled for production! It's still a little bit out as right now it says 3/27. But ever since i was invited to order my truck on the 19th of January I feel like it's been a steady stream of updates or information. Can't wait for delivery!

Fingers crossed you are next!
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did you get any emails with "your vehicle order has been updated" in the subject line shortly before getting scheduled? I got two just this afternoon; I don't see anything different in my vehicle order details (removals, price, etc). Hoping it's scheduling related!
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After placing your order, how long did it take to get an email about the truck going into production? I ordered 1/26 and it still shows the last checkmark completed for order accepted by dealer.
lol, I've been waiting since mid November to get scheduled. My dealership told me "should happen soon" and I laughed.

Between the time it's taking to get scheduled and watching parts get removed, I'm slowly starting to wonder if I'll end up getting a Silverado EV instead.
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