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Same Boat as others

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I made a lightning reservation on May 19th at 7:00PM PST(Literally my timestamp). Like before the presentation was open. I SHOULD have been VERY early on.

When I contacted my dealer on Jan 5th, they said "We sent out emails to people to see if they are interested." I never got an email. They didn't see my reservation. So I drove down there and they said "Don't worry" we will take care of you.

I didn't have a great feeling about it. So I called Ford & they confirmed YES I did make my reservation & I "Should" be receiving an email to order "Soon". I asked when and they said "Before March 31st"

I haven't received anything yet.

No one can give me a straight answer and I am getting very worried I am going to be missed somehow and NOT get a 2022. The odds are already LOW to get a 2022 and I do not want to wait until Jan 2023 to place an order.

Any suggestions on how to find out where I am? My dealer INSISTS that they are NOT moving anyone around and are going by Timestamp.
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All I can say is that I feel the same way. My dealer gave me the indication that I'll have to wait and see in 2 weeks, cause only 1 of their reservation holders got the email. I was wondering if Ford ignored me cause I previously canceled my Mach E reservation back in 2020....even though i got one in 2021 >_>
I don't love the idea of "Wait until March 31 and see" when I reserved in the first few minutes of the order bank.
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I'm 5/19 and I can see that making anyone sour. Especially when someone on here reserved 5/25 and got to order. But I blame dealerships. I don't have a Tesla but I can imagine it was a bit more straightforward.
I went down and spoke with my dealer, they said they were not in the initial allocation but hoping to be in the next one in about 10days. I asked them what order I was in line and they said, we will contact you Monday with the info. I don't know why they couldn't tell me.... They have been REAL cool for years so I hope they just needed time to get the info. They PROMISE they are selling it for MSRP and in the TIMESTAMP order. We will see. Ill post updates.
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