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Round Rock Texas Orders 9 Ford Lightnings for City Fleet

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The city of Round Rock, Texas has ordered 9 Lightnings to be used as part of their city fleet of vehicles.

Round Rock City Council approved the purchase of nine Ford Lightning electric pickup trucks at a regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday, Feb. 10.

This one-time, $490,000 purchase will replace existing vehicles as a part of the City’s scheduled fleet replacement process. The vehicles being replaced range from 11 to 21 years old with odometer readings between 90,000 and 124,000 miles.

The new electric vehicles will be the first ever owned by the City and part of a forward-thinking effort to transition to an eventual all electric fleet to enhance operational efficiency, take advantage of long-term cost savings and reduce environmental impacts.

“Everything is moving toward EV,” said General Services Director Chad McDowell. “This is an opportunity for the City to begin taking the initial steps necessary to ensure that Round Rock is prepared for the future while also improving the overall efficiency and lifespan of our fleet.”

Due to supply chain issues, delay in delivery is expected. The City expects to receive the trucks within six months to one year.

During the time from purchase to vehicle delivery, the City will continue work to complete the first phase of EV charging infrastructure installation at municipal facilities across Round Rock. Level 2 EV chargers will be accessible to City fleet at each assigned location.
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