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Right Place Right Time

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I just happened to be at the right place at the right time when someone backed out of the first Lightning this DFW dealership had on the lot. It happened to be the exact color and trim I wanted so I took the plunge significantly earlier than expected. Went from an older crossover with very few features straight to the future. It's been a couple weeks now and it has been a pretty impressive machine. The kiddos even get a kick out of playing games on it.

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Congrats! What color is that? Also, how much over MSRP did you pay?
It is the Agate Black. They tried to mark it up $20K over MSRP but I told them I'd walk before I'd pay that. They said to make them an offer so I gave them my POS trade in if they'd sell at MSRP. So I paid a little over but not a crazy amount.
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