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Resetting Estimated Range after towing

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I used my truck to tow this weekend and i was getting 1.0 kwh for the trip. Now that I'm back to normal daily driving I'm getting my normal 2.0 kwh. When I look at the current trip on the display.

However, when the truck charges up it does not adjust back from 1.0 kwh. So It shows very low range all the time. I have to do the math, but it makes me nervous.

Is there a way to reset it? How long will it take the truck to adjust back to normal driving?

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I'm assuming you turned off tow/haul mode? If so, next go into the Smart Hitch menu and tell it you have no active trailer.

If that doesn't do it, go into the EV trips menu and hit reset.

See After trailer disconnected, the mileage remaining...
and First Towing Trip: Range > 150 miles
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I’m having the same issue. Did all three, still says I’m hooked up to a trailer. Wtf?!?😡
Does the truck think a trailer is hooked up still? Do you have gunk in your trailer electrical connection?
Ok, I figured it out. I had to go into the tow screen and select No Active Trailer. Why in the world it wouldn’t reset when the trailer disconnected is beyond me
Glad you found it.

My truck usually does switch upon disconnect and restart, but not always. This inconsistent behavior is a real issue I hope Ford fixes.

However, I can actually provide a real-world scenario of how it can be useful to be able to keep the Guess-o-Meter (GOM) or Distance to Empty (DTE) calculations on the previously active trailer when the trailer is disconnected.

On our recent cross-country trip, we had towed the trailer to a "dry" (no hookups) USFS campground. I then had to drive a short distance and the GOM did reset to "No Active Trailer" when I returned to the trailer, I didn't reattach the trailer but I did hook the trailer AC cord to the ProPower Onboard to power outlets inside. The ProPower onboard has an automatic shutoff at a pre-determined minimum. Unfortunately that minimum is set to miles of range remaining (DTE). The DTE would now be in range without trailer but the next morning I would be reattaching the trailer and driving to the next charger. Therefore, what I really needed was to set the ProPower Onboard to the minimum range remaining (DTE) based on efficiency with the trailer. I now had the opposite problem you did as I couldn't convince the truck to act like it had the trailer when it was not attached.

I had to calculate the kWh value that would give me the range I needed to reach the charger with the trailer attached, then calculate the DTE without trailer for that same kWh value and enter that DTE into the ProPower Onboard setting. Mind you, the current DTE was based on the latest driving style and terrain changes. Without a planned destination (i.e., range based on Navigation calculations), the DTE would not include things like elevation change and temperature impacts on range. The best I could do was to use the efficiency of the last trip to guess what it was using to calculate DTE.

I agree that the truck should switch to "No Active Trailer" automatically. After almost 10,000 miles of towing I can tell you it usually does so, but not always. It does so more reliably with the latest PowerUps than it did when we first got the truck.

The ProPower Onboard should also have an option to set the minimum battery using kWh instead of supposed miles on the DTE.
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I am currently having the same issue
Have any of the above suggestions worked for you?
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