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Reserved on 05/21/21 and still no invite to order

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I placed my reservation in May of last year, and I have still not received an invitation to order, I used my local dealership on the reservation, which is a relatively small dealership, but they have not been selling their other cars over MSRP. I called them for the first time last week, and they said that I am 80th on the list and it will be probably another year before they get to me. This feels like they might be lying because they are saying 80 people from my area choose them in the first two days when reservations opened? What should I do? I want to switch dealerships, but how will I know they will get any allocations? And will I have to go to the back of their line, or will I be put higher because of how early I ordered?
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I reserved on 5/19 immediately after the presentation ended. I still don't have an invite.
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