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On Thursday 2/17 around 13:30 PM (EST)
Log onto your reservation number to see if you were selected by Ford.
Refresh [F5] the view every 5 minutes or log off/on to trigger a refresh

my experience
On 2/3 at 13:47 PM my order was finished.
My Ford dealer sent a proactive warning email at 13:55 PM indicating I would be hearing from Ford soon.
Ford Corporate sent the official invitation by email at 5:01 PM.
Ford Corporate sent the official invitation by text message at 5:30 PM.

After your reservation is completed review it
My experience was almost exactly the same in the third wave. Do not wait for the email or text. The website will update well before then. I sent an email to my dealer once I had configured the truck online to make sure he knew there was something for him to accept.
1 - 1 of 42 Posts
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