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Reservations to be Cancelled?

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First time poster- new member. Hello to all.

I am curious if anyone else has heard that Ford intends to cancel all reservations for Lightnings that were not given the opportunity to order as of March 31, 2022. I ask because I contacted Ford today and was told that all ordering for model year 2022 would be complete on March 31 and that they were going to refund deposits and re-open the reservation/order process in mid-August. As one who made my reservation on the day of the product launch presentation, that was not welcome news to me and probably not to the 180,000 others who would be in the same boat.

I would be interested to know if anyone has heard the same information.
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Concur, I smell something stinky
I understand why you would think I’m a troll but I came here looking for information after calling Ford MPH (Marketing Program Headquarters) yesterday. I joined this site so that I could ask the question and hope to find answers. Hoping that I had been given bad information. I was on the phone call for about 25 minutes looking for answers. I asked them why my reservation made 31 minutes after the lightning launch event started hadn’t been converted to an invite to order. I figured there were possibly several thousand people in front of me but not tens of thousands and that an invite should be coming. They told me that because of chip shortages they were going to produce 40% of the vehicles they had planned. I asked if having selected a small dealership meant that I would never get a chance to actually place an order and they said that could mean there would be a long wait. I asked what would happen if I moved the reservation to a different t dealer and that is when they told me that after March 31, the invites for the year would be done and that new ordering would start again mid-August. I asked for clarification about existing reservations and they said that they would start over in August and they they would be giving first priority to those who had placed orders but not yet been given a VIN. Of course that was shocking information to hear andI asked again if they were just going to cancel all those reservations including mine. The agent told me they were. I asked why they would do that to piss off 180,000 reservation holders. He said that was above his pay grade. I asked if I could be put in touch with someone whose pay grade it was and they told me there was no one they could transfer me to. It was near the end of the day at the call center and I didn’t call back to try to talk to someone else to verifythe information I was given so I searched online to see if anyone else had reported that same information and found this forum. I joined to ask the question. I hope the info is wrong and that is why I was looking to verify it. I am calling Ford today and can report back what I find.
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