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Reservations to be Cancelled?

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First time poster- new member. Hello to all.

I am curious if anyone else has heard that Ford intends to cancel all reservations for Lightnings that were not given the opportunity to order as of March 31, 2022. I ask because I contacted Ford today and was told that all ordering for model year 2022 would be complete on March 31 and that they were going to refund deposits and re-open the reservation/order process in mid-August. As one who made my reservation on the day of the product launch presentation, that was not welcome news to me and probably not to the 180,000 others who would be in the same boat.

I would be interested to know if anyone has heard the same information.
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Tesla = First In / First Out.

Sad that Ford Blue will probably be a way to screw dealers by setting up an alter ego entity with whom they do not have a contract, but Ford’s dealer system (allocations, list shenanigans at the dealer and predatory business practices) drove the decision.
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