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Repairs after a crash...

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So my lightning was crashed into a guard rail and I'm hoping it can be repaired. What has me concerned is the possible electrical problems. Initially after the crash the truck wanted to call 911 cause it detected the crash. After that it would not turn on and said front motor disabled. shortly after that both screens shut down and the 4 ways stayed on. Now it's completely dead and the hood won't open with the manual release due to the lift mechanism on the passenger side being damaged so I couldn't get to the 12v battery. Mechanically the truck looks fine but not being able to turn it on has me worried. Is there an electrical safety mechanism that needs reset or replaced after a crash happens? Why did the truck say front motor disabled? Obviously the truck needs a ton of body work, it's getting it to turn on and run again that has me worried. Insurance is coming out tomorrow to get an estimate on the damage. I'm really just looking for information on the electrical system after a crash. I'm hoping it's something simple that shut it down due to a crash being detected...
Wish me luck and please keep the hate to a minimum I'm just looking for advice or repair information that applies here.

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If it would turn on right now it would still drive, if I put the spare tire on of course. It's all body damage. The whole truck disabling itself is kind of a shitty thing, what if I came to a stop in the middle of the interstate? I was going to pull the truck further off the road and change the tire until I realized it wouldn't move.
How’d the rest of your repair go? My lightning is the white one in the video posted above, wrecked in October and still don’t have it back yet.
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I should have the truck back this week. Repairs definitely taking longer than expected but it's nearly done at this point.
Yeah it took until a month ago for the dealership to get all necessary parts. Working on minor frame adjustments now then wiring then body work. Said it should be another 4-6 weeks to completion if no other hiccups. It took me a couple days to even find a dealership that would say they were even capable of repairing it. Called dealerships and collision centers in multiple states
Got my truck back on Tuesday. Took nearly 4 months but it's like new again. I'm back to putting on accessories got the rear mud flaps on.
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I’m jealous!

coming up on 6 months since I last drove it and the only timeline I have been given recently for completion is that it’s “weeks away”. Here’s some pics from the wreck, then after tear down, and how it looks at the moment on the frame machine.
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There was about $10K in supplemental damages added on that insurance paid. I know they changed the whole frunk bin because one of the mounting tabs was half broken on one corner The frunk compartment was around $2500 they also replaced the wiring to the doors and interior panels. Even with a 2K deductible I'm getting money back due to not replacing the wheels and running board. Total was about 29K but i declined around 3K for wheels and running board. The wheels are fine just cosmetic damage chips scuffs in the paint and the running board had a scuff in the front corner plastic.
My initial quote was about $18K, which went to $45K after supplemental. I was warned upfront that there would be a significant supplemental after the first estimate.
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