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Just a reminder that we should keep this forum a welcoming place.

The Rule of Hospitality - Things to Remember
  • Welcome new members warmly.
  • Extend helpful tips about how and where to get involved.
  • Share friendly tips that helped you move out of newbie territory.
  • Encourage learning with positive feedback.
  • Listen and learn to the needs of new members. Watch out for dismissal of "Just Google it.", since they came to the community for an answer and trust your wisdom over the search engine.
  • Look for ways to involve new members in discussions and activities.
  • Avoid gatekeeping - don't keep new members in the cold with their noses pressed to the window because they don't know something you now take for granted.
  • Remember that newcomers aren't outsiders, but a mix of friends from the future you haven't gotten to know yet and whose insight you may come to rely on later.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts