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Rear Lights on Tailgate won't go off after update (Solved -- water leak)

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Adding to this forum to see if anyone can help.

Any assistance on pointing me towards a resource or letting me know how to shut off the white lights on the tailgate would be appreciated. I didn't seem to have this issue before the recent update, but now I can't find the location to turn these off while driving. My wife said the red light bar that goes across the tailgate is also off. See attached photos.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


PS: I've checked Zone lighting several times and it is turned off.
I also reset the entire car back to factor settings and it is the same way.
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we can close this out, went by the dealership yesterday and they took a look at it and found that the entire lighting in the back tailgate is loaded with water and caused a short, they are replacing the light bar and reverse lights under warranty work.
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I have a 22 Lariat 4 months old and built in the month Sept 22 . My rear light bar shows water in it by the tailgate handle. The dealer ordered a replacement part and calling me when it's in to schedule a replacement. I also notice reverse light in bar is only lit in the right corners of the lights. Do the reverse lights light across fully normally?
This is sad to have this issue on a 4-month-old expensive truck!
so far we are not the only ones having this issue from my understand. My truck has been at the Ford dealership since Feb 10 waiting on back ordered parts.
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I really hope this new light bar doesn't collect water too! This is a safety hazzard and a short circuit waiting to happen. My rear camera is glitching now.
Our trucks were built around the same time, so I am hoping it was just a bad batch of lights that need to be replaced. Did you truck also get the call to replace the battery?
No battery issues thank god.
Do you have lightbar issue?
Did you get a new battery pack?
My light bar was replaced today under warranty and supposedly cost $3200. I was told seal by tailgate was cracked and likely cause of water intrusion. I have to beleive that winter freeze cycle caused this. I hope this isn't a design issue.
Do you have lightbar issue? I did I got my truck back today
Did you get a new battery pack? Unfortunately the did replace parts of the battery pack while it was in for the lightbar issues, bigger issue is I got my truck back today and there is a chip and impact site on the truck that is probably going to be a massive pain to have the dealer fix now.

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Wow is that damage to your interior by the dealer?
Exterior where the frunk open and closes, I notified them about 15 min after I left the dealer, so I guess I'll see how much of a fight this is going to be. Problem is this is going drive my obsessive-compulsive personality crazy!
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