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Range seems to be dropping 3 miles per 1 mile driven

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Hello! I just picked my truck up today and I love it! this may be too soon to ask, but my range seems to drop much faster than my actual miles driven. '23 Lariat ER, temp today was between 30-40 degrees F

I picked the truck up with 43 miles on the odometer and it said it had 306 miles of range available. i drove 8 miles to home and it showed 280 left in the tank. Then i got back in a couple hours later and it dropped to 270, Im assuming from the cold, and drove 5 miles, but it dropped to 260 miles available. Then took my wife around the block, 8 miles and it shows 240 now. Total ODO shows 67 miles on it but only 240 available, meaning the truck thinks i drove 70 miles today with a real distance of 20.

Am i looking to closely at this? I just want to nip it in the bud with the dealer if there is something wrong.
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Is your actual range dropping or is your Guess-o-meter learning how you drive and the conditions outside?

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Rather than depend on the range estimate, I am focusing on the kw/100 km or mi/kw. I was expecting at least 2 mi/kw on the highway. I live in the mountains and it doesn't seem to make a difference if I am going into the mountains or driving out of the mountains, my range is about 40 kw/100 km, or about 1.5 mi/kw. That means my 2023 platinum will only get about 328 km, or 203 miles on a full charge. Is this similar to other platinum owners experience?
Agreed. Energy efficiency is the important metric to go by, not a black box range guess with insufficient input data.

Please note that in all cases in your post, it should read kWh, not kw.
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