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Range seems to be dropping 3 miles per 1 mile driven

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Hello! I just picked my truck up today and I love it! this may be too soon to ask, but my range seems to drop much faster than my actual miles driven. '23 Lariat ER, temp today was between 30-40 degrees F

I picked the truck up with 43 miles on the odometer and it said it had 306 miles of range available. i drove 8 miles to home and it showed 280 left in the tank. Then i got back in a couple hours later and it dropped to 270, Im assuming from the cold, and drove 5 miles, but it dropped to 260 miles available. Then took my wife around the block, 8 miles and it shows 240 now. Total ODO shows 67 miles on it but only 240 available, meaning the truck thinks i drove 70 miles today with a real distance of 20.

Am i looking to closely at this? I just want to nip it in the bud with the dealer if there is something wrong.
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I have the same ER Lariat. The drop is almost certainly due to the fact that the computer is factoring in how much energy you're using because of the cold weather. You should end up dropping down to around 225 miles of highway range (65-70 mph) with temps in that range. When I reset the gauge per Ford's instructions, mine also started dropping quickly. I get 275 miles in the warm months on the highways.
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