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Range Plunge With Modification

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Three weeks with a Lariat and the extended battery pack. Added a 2" levelling kit and replaced OEM 275 60 R20 General Grabbers with LT 295 60 R20 Falken Wildpeaks. Mounted them on the OEM wheels. Lost 60 miles of range. Can the coefficient of rolling resistance be that much higher on the Falkens to do that ?
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When charging to 90% before the lift I was getting about 264 miles of range. With no change in driving habits my range has dropped to about 208 miles. I viewed an almost identical conversion done by TC Custom on YouTube and they lost only about 30 miles in a road test. Also it seems with every charge I am losing more. Sure like the looks of the truck though.
Thankyou sameye4m. ( I work with the numbers my truck gives me and have never heard of a Guess-O-Meter ). The math I was using is this :
Was averaging 2.3 miles/kWh on a daily route, no change in driving habits, and dropped to just 1.9 miles/kWh after the modification.
On a 90% overnight recharge I was consistently getting about 267 miles of range. We are now down to just 205.
Only change I have made is the level and rubber. The 295 60's are 1" taller then the 275 60's. That I have accounted for as well.
Will see if I can find a comparison on the rolling resistance of the two tire sizes I am working with.
Thanks Voltz. Have done that.
Speedometer at 60 mph will GPS at 61.9
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Thanks ChasingCoral. Yes, I adjusted by 3%.
Will live with that. Thanks sameye4m.
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Absolutely joelb1. Tiresize.com told me 112 pounds total. Regenerative braking aside, if I want to coast and bump the truck into neutral, those heavy tires will free-wheel forever with the inertia.
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