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Rain Sensing Wipers addon?

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I recently found out that the Lariat ER 510A that I have does not come standard with rain sensing wipers. I found that extremely odd as I have not had a vehicle without them in over 10 years. I found it in the eSource book from another post. Does anyone know if this can be added after? When my dealer said the 510 and 511 were exactly the same aside from sunroof he was obviously very wrong.

I hate that I can't just ask my dealer they are so utterly useless, you lads here are far more informed.
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I have the same package and would also like to know if there is a way to activate the rain sensing wipers.
I ordered in January, maybe things have changed but at that time if you didn't want the glass roof you could order 510A which deleted the roof, rain wipers, and power steering wheel adjust. Everything else, ER, Tow Tech Package, & Max towing were still available (and I have it all).

My guess is that everything required for the rain sensing wipers exist as it's just the front camera plus either software or a relay that then turns the wipers on or off as required. If we're lucky it's just some software setting and/or dip switch that needs to be changed. The problem is finding someone with the knowledge, and possibly tools, to make the change. It's not likely common knowledge.

I just checked Ford.ca - I can still build the same truck.
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